1. Music: A Walk to Remember OST
    What is better than Mandy Moore's "Cry," I ask? Nothing. Whole album is totally swoonworthy.
  2. Music: One Direction, Olivia
    Swoony and groovy and totally timeless. This song is not trendy at all and I love it for that. It sounds straight out of the 60s.
  3. Character: Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights
    yes I KNOW i included a photo of him in another list the other day and yes I KNOW Riggins is trouble and no I don't care. he has a cute nose and he has freckles and I am so baffled/dazzled by this breed of boy that just never talks, like what is happening in your head, child? You and your ilk are an enigma to me
  4. Book: The Raven Cycle, by Maggie Stiefvater
    I could talk about Bluesey forever (#swoon) but the friendships in this series are just as amazing and heart-clutch-worthy. The Raven King comes out April 26-- trust me. Ya got time to catch up.
  5. Food: Cookies and cream ice cream
    Yeah we're including food on here, this is my list
  6. Food: Fig and Brie grilled cheese THE ULTIMATE SANDWICH
    blatant plug for an old list but we're doing this for dinner tomorrow and I'm already excited about it #swoon
  7. Character: Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill
    Currently on season 2, but I can't find a decent photo of his lovely buzz cut. Also wth is this hideous long haircut and goatee of him I'm seeing? Is that in later seasons? Why??
  8. Music: Taylor Swift, Treacherous
    This song is incredible. I listened to it on a loop for an hour earlier while I worked on a particular scene. The verses are melodically really steady and quiet and the choruses are so earnest and I would give up a kidney to have written something this good. #redforever #swoon