Maybe I use the term too liberally. Ah well. 💖
  1. Music: Can't Stop the Feeling!, Justin Timberlake
    I'm already daydreaming about dancing to this song at my best friend's wedding. In July.
  2. Food: this breakfast
    I've been eating this breakfast for a few days now and I can't get enough of it: vanilla yogurt, chocolate granola, blueberries. The blueberries make the chocolate taste chocolatey-er. #swoon
  3. Event: THE POOL IS OPEN!
    I was there for 5 hours today. I haven't spent 5 hours in the sunshine (or maybe even outside?) in months. My body's so full of Vitamin D I feel like a drunkard.
  4. Event: Wade graduated from his Masters program!!
    It's been real, Johns Hopkins. ✌🏽️
  5. Character: Sebastien de Poitiers (aka Bash), Reign
    I am crazy about this show-- the total non-adherence to period dress, the soapy romantic arcs, the girls' friendships, the intrigue, the supernatural element they've smattered over all he history. But mainly, I'm crazy about Bash's character. He's certainly got a dark side but he's funny and sharp and incredibly loyal (the most important thing). Love it so hard. #swoon
  6. Music: YOUTH, Troye Sivan
    I can't quit listening to this song. I love it so much. It sounds exactly like the video looks. Is this what people mean when they talk about shimmer pop? It feels shimmery.
  7. Food: Malibu pineapple
    I didn't take this picture. But I've been loving these lately, especially considering how slow summer has been in coming!
  8. Books: The Crown, Kiera Cass
    So I haven't actually read either book on this list yet, and I also know that this series is not exactly Tolstoy. BUT! I literally just finished Bros Karamazov and it took me months and my brain is tired. And you know what else? I like squishy YA love stories. I'm pumped to read it.
  9. Books: The Winner's Kiss, Marie Rutkoski
    Again-- haven't read it, but MR is brilliant. She's a Shakespeare professor at Brooklyn College and got the idea to write this series from the economic concept of the winner's curse (i.e., when you win at auction, you've automatically lost, bc you've paid more than the generally agreed-upon mkt value for something). It's a fantasy based on the world at the time of the Greek/Roman empire and the love story is awesome and I AM PUMPED. #swoon
  10. Music: The 1975, The Sound
    I have to dance when it comes on. This song makes me so happy.