1. How not to make your feelings someone else's problem
    I forget whose list I read that talked about how Ross did this. And then I realized I did this for like 3 years in college. I was whatever the female version of the "nice guy" is. (Not flattering-- but it's true.)
  2. Related: Why Taylor Swift was totally justified in writing 1989 ab a short-lived and long-over relationship, bc sometimes ppl just do a number on you
  3. Fairy tale archetypes. And variations on the Cinderella theme. If I can use notes.
    I've legit read Cinderella: A Casebook. It was for my writing. It was amazing.
  4. Cross-stitching
    You can make so many old-lady presents!
  5. Tropes I love in YA lit
    I love love triangles. Sorry not sorry.
  6. Southern church culture
    I was basically birthed under a pew.
  7. Ice cream toppings
    CTC on anything with caramel. 💛🍨