This is embarrassing, but it was SO MUCH FUN.
  1. Okay, so I've mentioned it on here before, but I'm at the gym at least 3 but generally 4-5 nights/week.
    This is as much for my anxiety levels as my actual physical fitness.
  2. I try to make a couple of these really serious strength training classes (lookin at you, Les Mills), but AT LEAST 1 has to be a dance class.
    On a good week, I'll go to 3 dance classes, one core class, and 2 kickboxing classes.
  3. This has been my routine for something like 4.5 years, with a couple rough patches during GRE studying and a hospital recovery.
  4. Anyway, as one does after FIVE YEARS of gym dance classes, I've gotten pretty good.
    (5 years plus 10 years of ballet, 6 years of cheerleading, and 4 years of assorted college dance-y things, but whatever. I've only ever been adequate at those things.)
  5. Tonight, however, I felt like an actual video girl.
  6. To be clear: I am not a video girl. I do not look like a video girl. I do not dance like a video girl. I am more than aware of this. Fully in touch with reality.
    I take open mouth smiley pictures and have zero chill and wear hot pink and lime green. Together. Unironically.
  7. But also as one does after 5 years of classes, I've made a few friends. Gym buddies. Acquaintances. Whatever.
  8. Anyway, for whatever reason, there were 3 of us there tonight who'd done our core class and stick around for zumba.
    There was some squealing when we all found out we were staying.
  9. But the thing is, my friends happen to be pretty good. Knew all the choreography.
  10. Guys. GUYS.
  11. So, all class, all I see when I look in the mirror is me and my two friends and we are ALL ON BEAT, all doing the choreography, all having fun. We have slightly different styles but they totally worked together.
  12. Y'all, I felt like a video girl. We were the ZUMBA MAFIA.
  13. So even though I know I/we looked more like this
  14. Than this
  15. It was THE FUNNEST OF THE FUN and I highly recommend it.