1. Find someone who shares your road tripping personality. Or, at least, who will not throw you out of the car when you annoy them.
    This ain't a plane! There are no weight limits! No baggage fees! You carry on what you want!
  3. Wear comfy clothes. Light layers are key if your road trip partner is most comfortable in a 68 degree environment and you favor 80-83 degree temps.
    In the above photo I am wearing a pajama tank in bought at Forever 21, workout shorts, and a badly abused VS PINK hoodie I stole from a girlfriend.
  4. Eat lunch at Cracker Barrel
  5. Or Chick-Fil-A
  6. Or Moe's, if you're looking for something "balanced"
    Words we seriously use on the road to describe the fact that a taco has bell peppers in it
  7. Get used the fact that your rental car's speakers are going to blare this song every time you hook up your iPhone, bc it's the first track in your iTunes (alphabetically)
    Sometimes you yell CRAP and turn it down bc the drums scare you to death and sometimes you laugh and turn it up and sing it again bc why not.
  8. Speaking of which: make playlists.
    This is my running playlist. Pretty sure he hates it.
  9. Lots of playlists.
    This one has Styx on it. I think he likes it better.
  10. Pack some CDs though, just in case. Never know when your aux cord is gonna lose the will to live or cell reception will go out.
    You know. Just a few CDs. Whatever both of you will like.
  11. Gather the essentials
    A pile of books
  12. Have snacks on hand
    Hot Tamales and Diet Coke are the gold standard in keep-you-awake road trip snacks. (Honorable mention goes to white cheddar cheeze-its, white chocolate-covered pretzels, and coffee.)
  13. Get going, friend! Have fun! Bon voyage!
  14. *****Advice not included: how to negotiate fights about bathroom breaks and "can you just tell me where the traffic is? dude it's just the really dark red lines"
    I have to pee a lot and I can't read maps.