That sounds super inappropriate. But this list is the exact opposite of scandalous.
  1. Write
    I'm at my best 3:30-7pm and 10pm-2am. Wade is at his best 9am-noon. You can already see how interesting our relationship is.
  2. Wash dishes
    He hates this. I don't mind so much, which is lucky bc we live in a tiny old DC apartment with no dishwasher. The job usually takes 20-30 minutes.
  3. Wash my makeup brushes had been awhile
  4. Bake chicken
    For tomorrow's chili. Even though I know i should be cooking it all together. It just takes too long.
  5. Eat cereal
    Dinner was hours ago?
  6. Listen to an audiobook
    This is why I don't mind dishwashing.
  7. Think about cleaning the bathroom
    I drew the line here
  8. Think about making quinoa
    Also decided against
  9. Read