Ranked from least to most important
  1. Progress on my manuscript
    Iz ok. I worked late. I edited 40 pages! (Not well! But that's ok! I gotta go over em again anyway!)
  2. Being late to POUND
    If you are unfamiliar with POUND-- it looks ridiculous, bc you're basically doing Pilates while drumming with neon green plastic drumsticks, but trust me: it's tough.
  3. Taking cough medicine and Zyrtec and realizing a second later I wasn't sure how they'd interact.
    I genuinely freaked ab this one. Forget that ppl apparently routinely mix codeine and booze and live to tell the tale; I, Anna Shafer, was going to be the girl who died from slightly too much allergy medication. (The pharmacist said I was fine. I recommend calling your pharmacy both pre-meds-taking AND pre-freakout.)
  4. Listening to the Eisley cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane that Maggie Stiefvater tumblr'd and tagged Blue Sargent and The Raven King.
    I listened to it 1.5 times and literally sobbed at the idea that the novel could end with Gansey dying (even dying well! who gives a crap? I want this teenage kid to have a long life and love his friends forever!) and all the kids splitting up and going their separate ways. I. SOBBED. I am an actual lunatic.