Come at me, bro.
  1. The size of the bridesmaids dress I just ordered.
    1. These dress sizes aren't like normal sizes. 2. Everyone is puffy after Xmas. 3. Honestly, who gives a crap?
  2. The work I haven't done this week.
    I'm gonna call my grandma on my way to the gym, take a shower when I get back, and I'll try again when I get back. It's really okay.
  3. The emails not yet in my inbox.
    They'll get there when they get there. No point in stressing about them.
  4. The unanswered emails in my inbox.
    I'll get to them when I get to them. No point in stressing out about them.
  5. The laundry and grocery shopping and Sunday school teacher training I have to do this weekend.
    TALK about borrowing trouble. I am not gonna worry today ab responsibilities 3 days away.
  6. What else, amigos?