(to be continued.)
  1. Leggings and sports bras and tee shirts and sneakers.
    I love to be comfortable. I am not here for jeans that leave lines on my legs or shoes that make my feet hurt. Also my sneakers are highlighter pink.
  2. Bronze eyeliner and awesome eye makeup.
    RIP, Lucky by Urban Decay. You always made my eyes look their prettiest.
  3. Dancing
    More in the gym than the club these days, but that's ok.
  4. Power tracks.
    I like punchy, upbeat music. I don't care who makes it. Angels and Airwaves, or Skynyrd, or Taylor Swift, or Styx, or 5SOS, or Pat Benatar. Whatever. I'm also somewhat convinced that my anxiety/OCD traits are soothed by organized poppy tunes.
  5. City walks
    I love cities. At sunrise, at sunset, in winter, in spring, in fall. Noooot as much in super hot weather. But I love cities. Tall buildings, old buildings, cobblestones, cafes, bookshops.
  6. Pool days
    Dump me by some water with a book and a massive water bottle and I am happy for hours. I will leave a little dazed and tired but be so drunk on vitamin D and I LOVE IT.
  7. Binge watching
    My husband has described his ideal environment as being surrounded by hiking, whitewater rafting, and a RACE TRACK. I, however, am perfectly happy sitting on my couch. I love watching tv. For HOURS. Comedies, dramas, action, crime shows, fantasy, teen-y. Not so much reality.
  8. Binge reading and stacks
    I love being left alone with a book for hours and hours, and I love walking out of the library with a huge pile of reading. I get very greedy and excited.
  9. Writing
    Aka, mah job. #imaginationonoverdrive
  10. Friend dates.
    I'm so much happier one-on-one than in a group.
  11. Dessert
    I eat dessert every day. I love sweets. Frankly, I'd be ok eating all oatmeal and salad and baked chicken if I could have cinnamon ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and rainbow chip cake and cherry cobbler and homemade blueberry cheesecake pop tarts every day.
  12. Autumn
    I am a walking cliche come September every year. That's ok, though.