Alt title: sh** Anna says to her husband (remember when those videos were a thing?)
  1. "Hey, look at this video of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's baby."
  2. "Hey, look at this video of a super chubby bulldog."
  3. "Do you want ice cream?"
  4. "Hey, watch this trailer for Beauty and the Beast."
    In short: I make him watch a lot of crap he does noooot care about.
  5. Me: "I'm gonna do laundry." Him: "It's 10pm." Me: *shrugs*
  6. Me: "Wanna walk there?" Him: "It's 2 miles away?" Me: *shrugs*
  7. "I'm just gonna read for a little while." *reads until 3am*
    Sry, babe.
  8. "Hey, do you wanna go see CHVRCHES/Taylor Swift/Misterwives/Bleachers/Marina and the Diamonds when they come to town?"
    The answer is always no, he does not want to, and yet he usually goes.
  9. "Wanna play Scrabble?"
    It's only 9:30, you CAN'T be tired.
  10. Me: "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey." Him: *opens one eye* Me: "Love you."