Inspired by @danrobert
  1. My God, that woman is wearing more fluorescent colors than a Gulf Coast hotel sign
  2. (See also) (note that everyone else looks classy/discreet but I have forced my husband into matching my pink and green dress
  3. The entire scarf drawer at a thrift store
  4. Those Are Definitely Not Her Sweatpants
  5. Man, she must really love whoever gave her that old Braves hat, because it is old and gross
  6. Possibly pregnant stay-at-home mom who has left her kids with her sister
  7. Those bangs are the only mysterious thing about her
  8. Like if Dean Winchester were a girl
  9. Like a fashion designer (basic colors, simple styles) only not as nice
  10. "Is that woman wearing pajamas? Yeah. Wow. She's wearing pajamas."