It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves getting post
  1. Grandma
    Takes about as long to read as it must have done to write because of the beautiful but illegible cursive writing. Usually includes a joke Grampy wants her to tell me!
  2. Father Christmas
    He sent me a card thanking me for my thank you letter - we were both very polite.
  3. Hannah B
    My friend from primary school. We went to different secondary schools but kept each other informed of the all the goss. Being country kids we couldn't just hang out because there were too many fields in the way.
  4. Tom
    My best friend at 11, moved to town in year 8. I missed him and loved his letters.
  5. Rachael
    My secondary school lifeline. We talked boys, music, tv, all the important stuff. Different sixth forms in a time before mobiles meant letters filled with glitter ✉️🎉
  6. Antonia
    Wrote to me even though we were in the same form and saw each other every day. Because she's that good a friend 💜
  7. A hazy memory of a friend I met a caravan park on holiday when I was 7
    One letter each way. I think she sent me a toy from a kinder egg. Good haul!
  8. Jill Barklem
    I wrote to the Brambly Hedge author and asked for more books featuring the homely Mrs Apple - my Real Housewives obsession started young - and she wrote back!
  9. Alex
    I'm not sure why - we could have just texted, the information exchanged was rarely noteworthy
  10. Mum
    Classic little notes accompanying things she's cut out of the paper for me. Always loving and funny, like the woman herself.
  11. Local