Allow me to Li.stroduce myself

inspired at this point by everyone
  1. This is me
  2. I'm 32 and I live in New York
  3. I'm a Taurus
  4. I'm an interior designer and I specialize in tech offices
    Office design is really fun because people spend so much time in their workspace and you can have a very real effect on not only an individual's health and wellbeing, but also the company's success. Workspace design has significant impact on productivity and retention rates.
  5. I'm a high school dropout
    But I also went to college and have a master's degree. I'm really proud of that.
  6. I grew up in DC and moved to LA to pursue dreams of being an actress
    But quickly learned that I didn't like opening up emotionally on stage and therefore was probably setting myself up for a lifetime of mediocrity.
  7. I decided to become an interior designer in a spur of the moment
    At a party in my friend's backyard, I remember it vividly. My friends thought I was crazy, but I've never looked back.
  8. I moved to New York almost 10 years ago because all the best art shows & design schools were here
    Ok RISD has a higher ranked program, but New York has better museums, ya dig?
  9. I'm really into whiskey.
    I am obsessed with scotch (I'm not really partial to American or Irish whiskies,) and will get really nerdy when talking to people about peat elevation/content, still shapes and barrel types.
  10. I prefer tea over coffee
    But only if it's really strong, truly british style tea. I think it tastes better and the caffeine ride is a lot more pleasant. Lately I've been mixing both Yorkshire Gold & Lancashire Tea teabags for some truly epic pots. I should list about this.
  11. I'm really into alternative therapies
    I make a lot of therapeutic essential oil blends and infusions. I should make a list about this as well.
  12. I have two incredibly sweet, incredibly weird cats.
    They're both really weird in their own ways and absolutely love people and cuddling with them. Despite their similarities, they are not related in the slightest.
  13. I'm a die hard android user and have been waiting for months to use this app and am super happy to be here.