Kind of gross, but very effective
  1. Warm up some honey to make it easier to work with.
    I like honey that comes in glass jars because I can put them in a small bowl of near boiling water. You can do this with plastic too, just use much cooler water and wait a lot longer.
  2. Put a few tablespoons (keep track) in a jar with a lid
  3. Add 1 drop of lemon and 1 drop of eucalyptus for each tablespoon
    Make sure you are using real, undiluted essential oils. DO NOT use oils for perfume or aromatherapy. Do some research and find real therapeutic grade oils. You will get sick.
  4. Swirl it all together.
    This is why it's important to warm the honey first.
  5. Put 1 tsp in a wine glass and dilute with about a cup of warm water, to taste.
    (don't dilute it too far, but don't make it too strong, it will hurt your tummy.)
  6. Sip SLOWLY.
    It will not be nice to your tummy if you guzzle it, but drink it before it cools.
  7. I'd say don't take more than 2-3x/day
    Again, it can be rough on your tummy.
  8. Feel better!