Or other little potatoes
  1. Get a skillet that has relatively high straight sides and put some potatoes in it
    You need it at least half full, but not so many that they're crowded. They need to be able to move around.
  2. Drizzle the potatoes with olive oil and then sprinkle with any combination of salt, pepper, smashed garlic, herbs and spices.
    Go with your gut, but also think about the next step.
  3. Mix up about 2 cups of white wine, broth, and water.
    The ratio is up to you, as is the type of broth. Chicken is most standard and crazy good, but I've even done it with mutton stock (don't ask.) You can go all broth, all water, all wine, but I usually do some combo of the 3 and will taste it to see what I think. Keep in mind that this flavor will be going right into your potatoes.
  4. Pour the liquid into the pan until it reaches halfway up the potatoes and then crank the heat.
    Bring it to a boil
  5. Then reduce heat, cover and simmer about 10 minutes
    Ish. Until they're halfway done. Don't sweat it.
  6. Flip the potatoes and continue simmering a other 10 mins or so, until they're easily pierced by a fork or sharp knife.
    They're not going to cook a whole lot more after this, so make sure they're tender enough.
  7. Remove the lid, crank the heat and shake the pan to roll the taters around in the juice
    Roll gently at first, obviously, but as you go, the liquid will dry up and become a lightly sticky sauce (depending on what ratio you used in the beginning.)
  8. Once you feel like the liquid has become saucy/dried up enough/they look like food, turn off the heat and serve!
  9. Some crunchy fancy salt is purrrfect on these, like some flaky sharp sea salt. I even have some Sichuan pepper salt and it's stupendous here. I don't so much like alaea salt here, but maybe you will!
  10. Potatoes!