The issue here, by the way, is not a pro or anti oil or energy one, but a Native rights issue. The pathway for the pipeline was rerouted away from Bismarck and though Native lands, without any discussion with the tribal leaders. It also has the potential to leak into the reservation's water source, which could poison everyone living there.
  1. Donate to the Oceti Sakowin Camp
    Where the majority of people at Standing Rock are gathering their efforts.
  2. Donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    They are collecting funds for legal assistance and supplies.
  3. Donate to the Standing Rock health clinic
  4. Donate funds or supplies to the medic and healer council If you are a medical professional in or are able to get to North Dakota, they are also seeking volunteers to help treat the protesters injured by police.
  5. Donate to the gofundme to support Sophia Wilansky, the protester who was critically injured and is at risk of losing her arm
  6. Get in touch with President Obama
    Implore him to use his final months to help stop the pipeline until the tribes' concerns are addressed. We will not get another chance come January.
  7. Get in touch with North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple North Dakota John Hoeven
    Phone, email, Facebook, tweet. Express your concerns about the route of the pipeline, the lack of communication with the tribes or the treatment of the protesters, which has been increasingly violent. Dalrymple recently brought in the National Guard, water cannons, rubber bullets and pepper spray are being used, in addition to rough treatment and destruction of property and sacred sites.
  8. Call the Morton County Sheriff, Kyle Kirchmeier to voice concerns over the use of military force against peaceful protesters
  9. Sign the petition.