a list in progress
  1. meredith vieira
    she was like a drunk aunt at a non-family function, and telling all the family secrets. so so great.
  2. sarah koenig
    at the height of the serial phenomena, and no one uses cliche words like "Baltimore!" or "Best Buy!" as suggestions.
  3. winston marshall
    banjo player for mumford & sons. first time, he was so nervous he drank waaaaay too much and was a sloppy mess in the best way possible and even jumped in some scenes. the second time was just as great, albeit slightly more sober.
  4. alan zweibel
    he was Gilda's writing partner on snl and he had incredibly lovely stories about her. just the best.
  5. kevin bacon
    this one is pretty self explanatory.
  6. keegan michael key
    he told a bunch of stories about his youth in michigan. and he just laughed so loudly and genuinely had fun.
  7. bradley whitford
    one monologue ended with him on all fours showing us how his dog dry heaved. which was weird and amazing and basically that's the tone of that whole night.
  8. louis ck
    a true honor and blessing to add this to the list. 🙏🏻🙌🏼🙃