I'm not a huuuuge podcast person, but I go hard on them in spurts. always seeking reccs
  1. how did this get made
    key eps: 88 minutes, all the fast & furious eps, the twilight eps, burlesque, sucker punch, the odd life of timothy green, street fighter, the sharknado eps
  2. don't get me started
    key eps: d'arcy carden/1D, tami sagher/dogs of instagram, lennon parham/michael jackson, danielle schneider/megamusicals
  3. ...with special guest lauren lapkus
    key eps: ben schwartz, thomas middleditch, andy daly
  4. dead authors podcast
    key eps: ben schwartz as roald dahl, scott aukerman as ben franklin, jason mantzoukas as plato
  5. u talkin u2 to me
    key eps: the joshua tree, slowing it down 2, staind glass, u2 talk 2 u
  6. serial
    duhhhhhh. key eps: all of them
  7. honorable mentions:
    comedy bang bang eps feat. ben schwartz. the few eps of you made it weird I've listen to were great.