literally ready in less than 10 minutes. and you can get everything at trader joes. sure it's a burrito bowl. but it's delicious. layer in a bowl in this order for cuter presentation.
  1. brown rice
    I love the frozen brown rice, the pouched is ok, both are ready in < 3minutes and you can get 2-3 meals out of it.
  2. meatless italian sausage
    trader joes brand is the first and only meat substitute that has the flavor of the real thing. I slice it and pan fry it in a little bit of butter.
  3. brown eggs
    scrambled in a little bit of butter.
  4. black beans
    canned, microwave in a Tupperware container so you can add your extra rice and build part of you leftovers 👌🏼
  5. corn
    also canned, and you can microwave in the same Tupperware with the beans to save time 🙌🏼
  6. shredded cheese
    I like the lite-Mexican blend 🧀
  7. avocado
    I use half an avocado for one burrito bowl. I've also found if you leave the pit in the other half before you wrap it up, it slows down the browning.
  8. sour cream
    this is the best condiment, and you can't tell me otherwise
  9. hot sauce
    I use the TINIEST amount of trader joes habanero hot sauce. I love spicy things, but a drop will make my entire mouth burn and sweat a little. but its the kick this needs
  10. corn tortillas or tortilla chips
    I use em on the side.
  11. optional additions
    salsa, onions, literally anything else you'd want to put in a burrito bowl. this is just my preferred recipe.
  12. tadaaaaa
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    side of queso for my chips in this shot, because cheese is life.