a list in progress
  1. take your backpack off on the train
    i don't care if you're going one stop or you're the only person standing. it's annoying AF to get hit with one. it's not hard to take it off your back and set it between your feet.
  2. wait for everyone to get off the train before trying to get on the train
    We all want that empty seat, I get it. but why would you want to squeeze your body into a sea of other people pushing the opposite direction to escape the smelly tin box that is a subway car???
  3. don't stop dead at the top of the subway stairs
    if you're not 100% sure where you're going when you get off the train, take 15-20 steps in any direction and step out of sidewalk traffic to check a map.
  4. practice good umbrella etiquette
    pay attention to your surroundings always, but twice as much when you're carrying an umbrella. my glasses have saved my eyes from being stabbed with someone else's janky umbrella because they were too busy texting and smoking and walking and carrying their umbrella way too many times.
  5. leave 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to
    transit time is rarely accurate and a lot of places are dicks if you're late for a reservation.
  6. always use headphones
    unless you are in a place that music or phone noises is appropriate. video game noises are probably worst--unless it is a sound based game, turn that off. if it's a sound based game the subway is probably not a good place to play it either. and if I can hear your headphones over my headphones, there is a problem with both your behavior and also your hearing, so maybe check that out?