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  1. improv
    laughing makes me forget that I'm worried abt my life!!!!
  2. miggggggg
    being in a different place w my favorite person is pretty much being at home just not where I used to live
  3. class
    lowkey luv learning and writing always
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  1. nice ass pens and highlighters
  2. binder with loose leaf for each class instead of a notebook and folder
    with syllabi in a prominent position in said binders
  3. greater dedication to my planner
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freshman year of college
  1. car
    driving w the windows down, driving w lots of people, driving listening to a podcast, driving when it's dark, driving in snow, driving by myself, driving and drinking coffee, driving w no shoes on, driving and crying, driving when it's cold and the heat is perfect, driving
  2. family
    even tho when im home i don't talk to them enough, it was really nice to have my mom whenever i wanted to ask a question and my brother whenever i wanted to laugh about something and my dad whenever i didn't know how to do something
  3. town
    being in chicago means I don't know where I am all the time or where the closest staples is and that is deeply unsettling
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