1. 1:00 AM
    Can't sleep. Consider texting AM running friend that I'm not gonna make it in the morning. Make lists instead.
  2. 2:30 AM
    REALLY consider bailing on AM run but decide to power through
  3. 3:00 AM
    Finally fall asleep
  4. 6:00 AM
    Attempt 10 minute alarm snooze
  5. 8:00 AM
    Alarm snooze unsuccessful. Wake up to Steven's alarm and dreaded "hey are you here" text from an hour ago.
  6. 8:20 AM
    Rush out the door to buy apology coffee for running friend before my 9:00 AM appointment.
  7. 8:25 AM
    Arrive at Starbucks. Order PSL, a hopefully acceptable offering for standing someone up at 7:00 AM.
  8. 8:40 AM
    Leave Starbucks. Realize traffic is so bad I will not make it to campus (1.5mi away) before 9 to drop off apologycoffee. Reroute to 9:00 AM appointment (1.2mi away).
  9. 9:00 AM
    Arrive at appointment. Sip coffee resentfully. Hate all things.