Inspired by @drugs.
  1. "The One Where Bri Runs Away"
    A boy flirts with Bri in the hopes that they will make kiss and she runs away the first chance she gets, because she's terrified of every boy who likes her.
  2. "The One Where Bri Crawls Through The Pit"
    22 minutes of Bri trying to work her way from the back of the pit to the front of the stage so her 5'1" ass can see something at The Maine gig. #GirlsToTheFront
  3. "The One With The Baby Lotion"
    Set in a City Target in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. A mom in the baby aisle asks Bri how old her baby is when she spots her putting Honest Company baby lotion into her cart. Instead of explaining she has sensitive skin, and is actually a baby herself, Bri lies and says Henry is 11 months and she "wishes he could be little forever"
  4. "The One With The Grilled Asparagus"
    The stress of being unemployed and having to move back in with her parents sends Bri over the edge and she ends up eating grilled asparagus in her bathtub at 2am contemplating where she went wrong.
  5. "The One With Russell Brand"
    Bri has strange dreams after listening to Russell Brand talk about Joseph Campbell and consciousness on a podcast for three hours.