1. 10.
    Leave Me Alone (Hinds)
    Okay first of all this album cover is EVERYTHING. The Hinds girls are all I aspire to be. Oversized vintage tees, messy hair and perfect eyebrows??? In an indie band with your best gal pals??? This is the dream??? Also the album title is perfect. "And I will send your flowers back" is my new favorite breakup track.
  2. 9.
    Holy Ghost (Modern Baseball)
    Modern Baseball (and the rest of the emo 4th wave) are out here destigmatizing mental illness and making incredible music. I feel like my words can't do them justice so read this:
  3. 8.
    Sing Street Soundtrack (Various Artists)
    This movie had what could be my favorite line of dialogue in 2016 film so far "No self respecting woman could ever love a man who listens to Phil Collins" THIS MOVIE ALSO CHANGED ME AS A PERSON. Holy hell is it good, and the soundtrack??? FUCK. How did they manage to make an album where new songs are nestled with hits from the early 80s and you cant tell which is which? AMAZING. And fucking Adam Levine knocks it out of the park here (I'm not kidding)
  4. 7.
    The Ride (Catfish and The Bottlemen)
    I love CATB, and they love Oasis, and you can def tell from this album that they love Oasis. BUT ITS GOOD. TBH Van McCann's vocals would make me swoon if he was singing "The Wheels On The Bus"
  5. 6.
    Everything You've Come To Expect (The Last Shadow Puppets)
    I want to punch Alex Turner in the face. I want to punch Alex Turner in the face and I want "The Dream Synopsis" played at my funeral.
  6. 5.
    Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande)
    Why isnt this charting like it should? Why isnt this getting the respect if deserves? WHO DO I FIGHT? This album is a sexy sometimes 90's r&b, sometimes 50's doo-wop throwback, accompanied by songs that are quintessentially now, and nothing feels out of place.
  7. 4.
    Death of a Bachelor (Panic! At The Disco)
    "I was a fan of Panic! At The Disco when it wasnt just Brendon Urie" is a sentence I said to my 14 year old cousin that made me feel old. I love this album, catch me spinning around in my bedroom to "LA Devotee" like I spun around to "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Pants Off" 11 years ago.
  8. 3.
    Lemonade (Beyonce)
    The 2017 Grammy for album of the year goes to Beyonce right? Okay cool. Just checking.
  9. 2.
    Cardinal (Pinegrove)
    "Size of the Moon" might be the greatest song ever written and thats all I really have to say about this.
  10. 1.
    I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (The 1975)
    Are y'all really surprised I listed this as #1? (You shouldnt be) Listen, it's a 17 track, 75 minute album, with a ridiculous title, that spans multiple genres and features a 9 minute track that is just an ambient creahendo. AND ITS FUCKING BRILLIANT. The 1975 dared to create in the way we consume. They gave us a fucking masterpiece, and accompanied it with a James Turrell inspired tour that makes this not just an album but an experience. I could write ESSAYS on each of the songs and I HAVE.