If 'Girls' is our generations 'Sex in the City' then my answer to the question: are you a Hannah, a Jessa, a Marnie or a Shoshanna is none of them. I'm Ray.
  1. I like to casually remind people in my life that everything dies.
  2. I think people who tell me they like me (romantically) are insane.
  3. I've spoken many variations of this exact sentence.
  4. I'm very protective of my best friends.
  5. I also once lost my damn mind at the traffic/honking outside my apartment.
    The week the traffic lights at the four-way intersection I live at the corner of stopped working was the worst week of my life. So....much.....honking....
  6. If you're upset about something and I don't know how to deal with it I'll just offer you food.
  7. I've been known to chime in with a sassy literary reference.
  8. I also love Katy Perry.
    'One of the Boys' is one of my favorite albums of all time tbh.
  9. This tshirt, the one that Shosh makes Ray buy and he's like "Hmm this is actually a great tshirt"? Yeah I have 5 tshirts that look exactly like this and wear them all the time.
    Like Ray I can rock a soft cotton color block pocket tee.