1. first this email...
  2. then this delighful notification
    WTF WHY?
  3. then i updated and this happened...
  4. Giphy
  5. @listbot explain yourself
  6. Also my account was on private for a goddamn reason and now that is no longer an option and my lists now show up when you google my name so im FURIOUS
  7. okay HOW do i share my lists with just my followers again? i can only choose from "everyone" or individual people? is there really no more private option? like i have to go through ALL my old lists and reshare them by selecting people? HELP.
    y'all im so frustrared i'm about to delete. I JUST WANT TO UPDATE MY BOOKS READ IN 2017 LIST.
  8. Giphy
  9. okay so if you only choose a few followers it DM's the list to them and STILL doesnt show up on your main screen?
    so there is NO CHOICE besides "everyone" which means everyone on list and no more private? this is BAD
  10. ALRIGHTY THEN: Y'all can follow me on twitter or insta: brimattia and my tumblr which is brimattia.tumblr.com
    I can't deal with this mess.
  11. OH, and if you like my writing you can subscribe to my newsletter that I write about movies and tv 💕 http://tinyletter.com/brimattia
  12. I'm lying awake right now thinking about how when I was anxious or upset I would turn to li.st. Like, lately i've been super anxious about starting grad school and moving halfway across the country and I would look at the comments on the list i made about getting in to grad school to make me feel better.
    But now I cant see any of the comments on my old list and now that there is no real privacy setting on here I no longer feel comfortable using this app. I'm going to delete it. This is so devastating guys. I met the best people on here 😭.