A colleague emailed me with this question and I began replying in list form and then realized that there's an app for that. So am I about to respond to an email with a link to a li.st? Yes, yes I am.
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    This request was inspired by this tweet:
    S/O to 'Wild & Unruly' (more on that fic later...)
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    Some background: I was a Communication and Media Studies major in college, and my focus was Fan Studies. I'm not kidding when I say the fanfiction host site Archive of Our Own (ao3) has 46,493 works under the One Direction fandom tag and I've probably read at least half of them...
    90% of the time I am reading Larry Stylinson fic (Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson) why? Cause theyre my faves and also because 70% of ao3 is works about them. I also read some other fandoms and ships if someone I'm friends with highly reccomends it. (S/O to Alice for making me read some Drarry) Young women writing AU's about two boyband members in love is my wheelhouse, my area of expertise and my favorite subject.
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    Why Read Fanfiction?....
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    We've told heterosexual love stories since the printing press was invented. LGBT+ relationships are DRASTICALLY under represented in all forms in media. But not in fanfiction: 80% of fanfiction focuses on a LGBT+ relationship between two characters. (and heterosexual couples, if theyre included at all, are side characters) I'm on the asexual spectrum, and the only place I've ever found a healthy representation of ace characters is through fanction.
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    How to have safe anal sex, how to negitiate kinks, how to birth a cow, the basics of scuba diving, all about formula 1 racing vehicles, marine biology, how to fix a wire fence, proper manners when addressing monarchy....the list goes on...
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    Fun! and Tears!!!
    Fanfiction is such a fun and entertaining read. If you see me smiling at my phone its not cause im texting someone cute its cause the fanfic I have open is GREAT. But also sometimes I'm moved to tears, because a fic is really really good (like Another Hazy May)
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    Its GOOD!
    Young women on the internet are writing better prose than J.D Salinger ever did. Fuck 'Catcher in the Rye' (Fight me!!!)
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    Here are a few of my favorite fics:
    I want you to know I sung that sentence above to the tune of "Favorite Things" from Sound Of Music OKAY BYE
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    These Inconvienient Fireworks
    This is THE Larry fic. This is THE classic. This is the best damn thing I've ever read?!?!? The carwash scene?!?!? "If he has to miss somebody forever, at least he picked a good one." LIGHT MY ENTIRE BODY ON FIRE!!!! You need a PDF link for this (or you can buy a physical copy, which i have obvs) but lucky for you I have a PDF link 😎: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wq82jbiaujo7o3y/tif.pdf
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    If you've ever been to a One Direction concert and saw girls with "Jack McQueen" signs thats about to make sense. This is another Larry classic. It features some FANTASTIC side Ziall. And its angsty and beautiful and complicated and UGH. Its not online in full anymore, because its going to be published. You need to know someone with a PDF. I have one, ask and you shall recieve. 😉
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    Wild & Unruly
    This fic is where I learned what I needed go fix a wire fence. You're gonna cry over a cow, just an FYI. (I love you, Jolene) I don't know what to say about this except it made me really emotional about farmland!!!! So beautifully written. Heres the link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2723093/chapters/6099611 🐮
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    Another Hazy May
    THIS FIC. OH MY GOD. I am going to wallpaper a room in my house with its words one day. The literary devices will BREAK YOU!! The chiasmus!!! The literary present!!! "Harry kisses like he’s got twenty seconds to live but twelve and a half eternities to stay." END ME!!!! Ask me about the first time I read this and I threw an iPad at a wall. Heres the link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1045076
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    Love Is A Rebellious Bird
    DONT!!! HUM!!! BOLERO!! Listen, you need this, you don't know you need this, but you need this. The classical music! The beautifully written dialogue!! The angst!! This fic makes me ANGRY. (But in a good way) Heres the link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1162438/chapters/2362331
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    Okay so those were my top 5, but if you'd like to know anything else, need help searching ao3? have specific types of relationships etc you'd like to read about? need help finding the GOOD fic in your fandom? want me to write you a fic rec? Do you love history and want a bunch of history au's? Have more questions? IM YOUR GIRL.
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    Happy reading! 🤗