Canadian thanksgiving was this weekend just gone and I want to list all of the things I am thankful for this year
  1. My amazing boyfriend
    This is our second year together and, in fact, thanksgiving is our anniversary so that's handy. He's the kindest person I know, his view on life is similar to mine and sometimes I'm mean to him but it's only out of love and affection
  2. Canada
    This is the third country I have lived in for an extended period of time in, and right now it's my favourite. Canadians are so warm-hearted and loving, they're willing to accept people for who they are, there is less judgement in this country. The weather is insane but I think it definitely attributes to their understanding of others. Moving here was the best decision I've made in my life so far
  3. Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Moved here in February, rough month to move but it worked out well. I've settled in so well and I'll be sad to leave in May
  4. Dogs
    Dogs are the best. They are phenomenal. I can't even look at a dog without my heart exploding with love. Even writing this post is making it beat faster. I can't wait to see my dog at the end of the year ❤️🐶
  5. My logic
    Being a logical person has it's highs and lows. When me wallet was stolen earlier in the year I took control and drinkenly canceled all my cards before the thief could steal anything. I act stupid pretty much all the time but when I don't I impress myself. And I don't care if no one else can see it, I'm smart and I hope that can help me out in the fiture
  6. My family
    If my family wasn't my family I don't think I'd be here, in Canada, writing this list right now. My grandpa was a sea captain, my parents met abroad, I was born to travel and experience other cultures. Having a mum and dad that are so accepting of everything has made me a better person. My bitter, sarcastic humour has made everyone else view me as slightly prejudice to everyone and everything, whoops