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  1. Stand By Me (Movie Soundtrack)
    I listened to this everyday when I was 11 and 12 years old
  2. Guns and Roses "Lies"
    My 8th grade soundtrack.
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Mothers Milk"
    Freshman year, I wanted everything on this album
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  1. Getting poked in the eye by a passing umbrella
    Okay. So those little pokeys on the end of an open umbrella are at tension, super tiny, moving at walking speed toward me as I am at walking speed toward them (6mph + 6mph =12mph), and at perfect eye level! I consistently avoid walking down umbrella laden sidewalks and turn my head from most passing umbrellas.
  2. Getting "doored" on my bike
    Riding my bike (Jermaine) through the urban center of town is a most enjoyable experience. The passing people, ever changing situations, and constant movement really adds to life. In the bike lane you are given your own clear pathway for cruising pleasure. Until a driver in a parked car throws open his/her door into your lane! Immediate concussion, sharp steel rammed into your chest, and an end of cruising pleasure! It's never happened to me but I think about it too much riding in the bike lane.
  3. Zipping up my privates in my pants fly
    Really? You need a description?
  1. Someone chewing food next to me in a super quiet room while I'm reading
    The banana sounds invade a good book like nothing else.
  2. Soup slurpers
    Especially in a super quiet room while I'm reading
  3. People interrupting a storyteller to change the subject
    Unless the storyteller is so inhuman, racist, evil, and/or belligerent. Then the rule is reversed. Stop the storyteller! He's killing the party!!!
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  1. William H Macy
  2. Forrest Whitaker
  3. Paul Giamatti
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Globally, there is a sharp decline in beehives due to colony collapse disorder. People are stumped as to what causes this. Below is my theory (on Li.st simply because the Ag departments of universities are more concerned with my education history (none) than actually evaluating the validity of the below theory) on it's cause
  1. American foul brood or Colony Collapse Disorder is characterized by a bacterial infection that wipes out the entire large population of a hive but leaving the adult honeybees (nurse bees, foragers, the queen, and the male drones) unscathed. The Bacteria causing this devastation varies from hive to hive.
    This problem has been around since written records have been kept about beekeeping. However at present we have seen an epidemic. It wasn't very common even up into the 1700s (about 1 out every 80 hives were affected). But when the honeybee's were brought to America in the early 1700s, incidents rose (affecting 1 out of 50 hives). In the 1930s the incidents rose to 1 out of 30. Today we lose 1 out of 10 hives to Colony Collapse Disorder.
  2. The immune system of a honeybee is very simple (and necessary to describe if Colony Collapse Disorder is to be understood).
    Unlike our bodies that rely on a complex multi tiered system of variable viscosity lymph fluids, white blood cells, and temperature fluctuations to eradicate bacterial infection, the honeybee's immune system is predominantly a basket-like tube, resembling Chinese hand cuffs, called the epthylium. This epthylium is make out of a substance (this is important) called "chitin". Chitin is what the shells of cockroaches and other brown insects are made out of.
  3. A honeybee's epithelium's job is to filter out bacteria. The larger the spaces in the "basket weave" of the epithelium, the easier for Bacteria to invade the honeybee and multiply
    Now remember: 1)The epithelium is made of chitin and 2) The larger the spaces in the formation of this chitin based epithelium the greater chance of infection by bacterial contact
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