1. Stand By Me (Movie Soundtrack)
    I listened to this everyday when I was 11 and 12 years old
  2. Guns and Roses "Lies"
    My 8th grade soundtrack.
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Mothers Milk"
    Freshman year, I wanted everything on this album
  4. Pearl Jam "Vs"
    We thought no one would ever be able to top this album.
  5. Radiohead "OK Computer"
    We thought no one would ever be able to top this album too.
  6. John Coltrane "Blue Train"
    My introduction to jazz. I couldn't get enough of this dynamic album. It led me into the world of John Coltrane. I read three books on his life and purchased any album I could get my hands on.
  7. Bob Marley and The Wailers "Survival"
    This album showed me 1) what a group of diverse, diligent, and talented musicians are capable of if they remain preferring one another and leaving room for each other to shine 2) how powerfully corrupting and seductive rebellion is as a motivating force.
  8. Stevie Wonder "Talking Book"
    Stevie Wonder at his best produced by Quincy Jones at his best. So good!
  9. Chick Corea "Return to Forever"
    A pre-curser to the CTI records sound and a foreshadowing of video game music, this album is uniquely beautiful, genius, cheesy, futuristic, funky, and plain weird.
  10. Gabby Pahinui "Best of Gabby vol 2"
    My introduction to Hawaiian slack key guitar and traditional Hawaiian singing. Just beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes reminiscent, and always relaxing, I love gabby.
  11. Nanci Griffith "One Fair Summer Evening"
    One of the most beautiful albums in any genre of all time. Period. If you have seen that movie High Fidelity, you may remember a scene where John Cusacks character puts on a record in his record store knowing people will come up and ask what it is and then buy it. While managing a record store back in the day, I could do the same with this album.
  12. Ani Defranco/Utah Phillips "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere"
    I believe most people want in their lives what this album provides.
  13. Jason Upton "Faith"
    When I got saved this album helped me stay on what is really important.
  14. Brian/Jenn Johnson "Undone"
    The devotional quality of this album really helped me navigate the desert of Christian music
  15. Duane Roberts "One Thing I Desire"
    This changed the way I saw a band communicate with each other vocally around one theme.
  16. Laura Hacket Park "Love Will Have It's Day"
    Our soundtrack during our six months in Uganda, Laura's insights into the human heart helped us tremendously in a horrific time of trauma and grief.
  17. Housefires "Housefires 2"
    Changed the way I worship Jesus through music.