Because Wikipedia can sometimes be full of shit.
  1. I'm 29.5 <-- getting anxious about saying I'm going to be "in my thirties" soon
  2. My favorite color is red-orange. Like the kind you see in epic sunsets.
  3. Salmon/sake is my favorite nigiri at the sushi bar. I think I was from Alaska in a past life.
  4. I'm married to @davemorin. He's okay. 😉
  5. I've torn both my ACLs (skiing + soccer). Feel free to call me Bionic Brit.
  6. I have the world's cutest baby. North West ain't got nothin on Ansel Morin.
  7. I hate painting my nails. That shit chips off in a day. Worst $20 I ever spend.
  8. I founded a company called Brit + Co that helps women learn and do creative stuff. It's my favorite thing I've done in life outside of getting married and having a baby.
  9. At one point in life, my screenname was: thebetterbritney
  10. I've seen every episode of Friends.
  11. I've seen every episode of Saved by the Bell.
  12. I can recite all the lines from Wedding Crashers in my sleep.
  13. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I don't call it boring, I call it the foundation for all other ice creams. Don't mess with the classic product.
  14. I work in Silicon Valley and have a dog named Pixel. 🐶