Bored at the airport
  1. Gym guys with small dogs for pets
  2. Why there aren't bars at the mall
  3. How all rockstars are just born with rockstar face where they look 50 since day 1
  4. How some bottles of water are more expensive than others
  5. How sometimes I buy the more expensive one
  6. Why people freak out about planning their wedding when Taylor Swift puts on an entire concert every night no problem
  7. Why my computer has to have my permission to update itself. I will literally never say no
  8. If people can buy stars why can't I sell stars
  9. Why money is still in the form of paper, man's flimsiest invention
  10. Why there are different spellings of any certain name. How pretentious are our parents that they care about what our name looks like when written down
  11. Why laundry lint is always the same color
  12. How astronauts in movies are always so tan
  13. How snapchat caught on so fast. If I wanted to look at a pic for 3 seconds I'd just scroll through Instagram really fast
  14. Why some of my friends back home in Michigan have a southern accent