7 Interesting Album Covers/Tour Posters

This is just a random selection of rarely seen art related to music and bands I enjoy. A unique visual always adds to the music for me.
  1. SLOWDIVE "North American Tour 2014" Poster
  2. Something for Kate "Star Crossed Cities Tour 2013" Poster
    Check out the special guest
  3. Gang of Four "At the Palace"
    Vinyl-only release of the "Hard" Tour recorded at the Hollywood Palace.
  4. The Gathering "TG25 Live"
    Classic Dutch Prog metal band's triumphant live reunion album cover
  5. Antony & the Johnsons "Turning"
    Interesting cover of the fascinating live album/DVD
  6. The Charlatans "All the Books You've Been Through" Poster
    Charlatans album covers reimagined as vintage book covers
  7. Paul Dempsey "Strange Loop"
    Cover of the 2nd solo record from the Something For Kate frontman.