7 of My Favorite Albums of All Time and Why

It's tough for a music lover to pick the "best" albums of all time because it's a personal preference...and the list may change over time. There are many others I could list, but here are seven albums that have meant and currently mean a lot to me...
  1. REM "Murmur"
    This record came out when I was a college freshman. It struck a chord with me and was an instant favorite. I get choked up when I hear it now because all the youthful angst-ridden feelings come flooding back. I remember how much I loved these songs and what a comfort they were..and still are. I was able to meet the band on a visit to NYC before their Beacon Theater show in 1984 which was amazing.
  2. SLOWDIVE "Souvlaki"
    I loved their singles and first record "Just for a Day", but Souvlaki took it to a new level. Every song was amazing to me, especially "When the Sun Hits." I was so happy to see them live in Atlanta 1993 opening for Catherine Wheel...and just saw them in ATL again 5/13/16 at Shaky Knees Fest (see my other lists for pics) at what may be one of the best shows of my life! The sound and visuals were overwhelming! One of my favorite bands.
  3. Something for Kate "The Official Fiction"
    SFK is one of my favorite bands! I love all their records and both solo releases by lead singer/songwriter Paul Dempsey. They are Australian and have never had a big hit in the US. Songs like "Max Planck" and Down the Garden Path" are two among many favorite SFK tracks. I got to see Paul on some solo dates in NYC and Atlanta after his first solo record, but flew to Sydney to see SFK in 2013. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen! Paul is one of the best singer/songwriters alive today!
  4. Gang of Four "Songs of the Free"
    Loved the first two classic albums, Entertainment and Solid Gold, but the lyrics and tone of this one grabbed me and never let go. I was able to see them on the tour for this album in NYC at Pier 84 with opening band ESG in 1982. Such a memorable show!! Still a huge fan and think Andy Gill is a guitar genius.
  5. The Charlatans "Modern Nature"
    Such a great band for so many years with consistently great output! To think that their latest release in late 2014 may be their best is crazy...but musically, lyrically, and sonically, I personally think it is!! I love all the songs and even the bonus songs on the special edition. I actually flew to Chicago to see this tour Nov 2015 (see pic in my other list) because this record is so special to me. A new classic.
  6. The Smiths "Meat Is Murder"
    This record and their first self-titled album were revolutionary during my early college years. Brilliant music, lyrics, and voice. Classics! They do bring back my first case of heartbreak and unrequited love. I'll admit that when I got the Smiths' remastered box and listened to this disc with headphones, "Well I Wonder" sounded so amazing it made me cry.
  7. Faithless "To All New Arrivals"
    I love everything about this record. The cover art, the tone/groove, the guest artists (Cat Powers among others)..."Music Matters" is one of my favorite songs and still moves me every time I hear it. The entire album flows perfectly to me. I hope to experience Faithless live while they are still reunited.