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I started writing about The Black Cinema Challenge last summer. The challenge is inspired by an article in The Paris Review that quotes (I'm paraphrasing) Spike Lee questioning the validity of a Black Film Festival when, according to him, black Americans don't support mainstream black cinema. Clearly flawed logic on his part. Here are the rules:
  1. A black film is a film...
  2. Written by a black person
  3. Has a majority/main cast of black actors and actresses
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I've been trying to keep positive but frankly just don't know what to do.
  1. My husband doesn't think we are equals
  2. I'm not sure if I feel that we are equals
  3. When we met, nine years ago, I was 20 and he was 6 years older.
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  1. The judge is racist. He hates Roma people for absolutely no reason.
  2. The first scene was so absolutely anti-immigration. Quasimodo's mom and her friends (a band of gypsies) are trying to make safe passage into Paris when they are accosted by the Judge. Quasimodo's mother is killed trying to flee.
  3. Esmeralda speaks truths
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This is a difficult list to make but I'll try
  1. Forrest Gump
  2. Bamboozled
  3. Clueless
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  1. Pisces - specifically, February Pisces. March Pisces are okay.
  2. Cancer - all types
  1. My boss was fired. It really sucks but she wasn't a good fit for the team. So hard times will come but hopefully they'll get better -- eventually.
  2. Finally feel committed to a book. I started reading Chosen Exile and Zelda Fitzgerlad's biography. Both are really good.
  3. Went to an amazing jazz spot in Harlem. Can't quite call it a bar because they don't serve any liquor - including wine - but it is amazing! Sort of reflects on the books that I'm currently reading. All the cool stuff happens uptown. Yes, I'm with a bunch of white people. In fact, I'm the only person of color.
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    Green! All shades of green
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I'll try to do this everyday to stay positive
  1. I worked from home for part of the day
  2. I got a full nights rest
  3. I had a playful morning with my husband. We laughed, kissed, danced, had coffee. He even told an incredibly slow story that I half listened to. Still happy we got to spend time together.
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I may have learned these things accompanied but for some reason my learning vibes seem more receptive when alone.
  1. Mary Church Terrell was the first African American woman to receive a college degree. She earned a degree in classics from Oberlin. I feel like I might have known this fact before but for whatever reason it was lost on me.
  2. The Whitney has an exhibit on the eighth floor about the Jazz Age featuring a black modernist painter, AJ Motley Jr. Mostly "struggle" art but still very moving. Also serendipitous that I saw this exhibit given the NYT feature article about black artist this morning.
  3. I want to study art history more than ever.
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    E.O.G. - Early Onset Grumpiness. It is a real thing and I think my husband has it.
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    Some stores sell "jeans" and some stores sell "denim".
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    Matt Groening has been working on The Simpsons for 26 years.
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    Skanking is ska dancing.