1. My boss was fired. It really sucks but she wasn't a good fit for the team. So hard times will come but hopefully they'll get better -- eventually.
  2. Finally feel committed to a book. I started reading Chosen Exile and Zelda Fitzgerlad's biography. Both are really good.
  3. Went to an amazing jazz spot in Harlem. Can't quite call it a bar because they don't serve any liquor - including wine - but it is amazing! Sort of reflects on the books that I'm currently reading. All the cool stuff happens uptown. Yes, I'm with a bunch of white people. In fact, I'm the only person of color.
  4. I'm tipsy but not drunk but walking a fine line. I ❤️that feeling!
  5. Didn't finish all my work but who cares! It's Friday!
  6. Already made some awesome weekend plans that I'm actually looking forward to.