Memories from Olita Elementary in La Habra, California
  1. Inspirational Yo-Yo Master
    BA dude with some sick moves and a message to never give up
  2. Playing Four Square ironically
    Four friends, four squares and our own rules
  3. Book fairs
    The best day of school ever! Kids WANTING books
  4. Student of the Month and Citizen of the Month
    Two awards given out each month, the difference? I don't know. I just know I won several times
  5. Sitting in the box...TWICE!!
    Where the troublemakers spent their recess. Not a literal box!
  6. Christmas programs
    Singing, ribbon dancing, and one Hanukkah song
  7. Talent show
    My GS troop performed a ribbon dance to God Bless the USA dressed as different American Icons after 9/11 - the audience wept!
  8. Ms. Boznanski
    My principal...don't know if her hair was real
  9. A visit from the Weinermobile!
    Kids who read the most books climbed aboard and got whistles
  10. Playing Spice Girls at lunch
    Went back and forth between Ginger and Baby