My Favorite Merle Norman Products

Merle Norman may have been founded in 1931 but it's not just your grandma's makeup anymore
  1. Aqua Balance Foundation
    With great coverage and a matte dry finish this makeup does everything including balancing out the oil in your skin while wearing it helping people with combination skin like me!
  2. Liquid Blush
    The silicone formula allows for all day wear with no settling or cracking. Goes on light and smooth but needs soap and water for removal making it great for summer beach days!
  3. Lip Pencil Plus
    This chubby stick is so handy with lip liner on one side and lip stick on the other. Wears well and long as well as easy to throw in your purse and seams to last forever!
  4. Soft Touch Eye Pencil
    Goes on smooth and creamy so it's easy to blend but then dries to a water resistant finish. I love the light shiny colors like Jaded, Copperized, Galaxy and the new Ocean Blue!
  5. Fat Lash Mascara
    The newest Merle Norman mascara has a curved comb brush for easy application as well as the same peptides that are in Latisse so I have seen my lashes grow since wearing it!
  6. Revitalizing Bubbly Mask
    This amazing grapefruit scented mask goes on as a gel and within 5 minutes bubbles up on your face like foam! Gets rid of dead skin and using an ingredient Vivillume helps restore skin's brightness.
  7. Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum
    This amazing serum contains so many raw amazing oils for skin hydration and age prevention. Smells amazing and goes on light for day or night use.
  8. Revitalizing Eye Gel
    I keep this eye gel in the fridge for cold morning application. Helps get rid of puffiness and dark circles as well as wakes up tired eyes.
  9. Micro-Refiner Exfoliant
    This microdermabrasion scrub heats up on your skin as you scrub away dead skin.
  10. Anti-Redness Cream
    This cool and calming moisturizing cream is great for sensitive or flushed skin. Calms red and inflamed skin with a cool refreshing feel.