1. Pasta
    Mostly pici, the fat spaghetti noodles native to Tuscany that are OUT OF THIS WORLD. The best? All'Aglione at the only restaurant in Castelmuzio.
  2. Aperol Spritz--in a BOTTLE!!
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    They sell the best summer drink in a soda bottle so you can take it everywhere. Why don't we have this in the States???
  3. Gelato
    One, two, usually three times a day. The best was cherry at the unnamed place (there is only one) in Montisi.
  4. Chianina
    This handsome white cow makes one helluva steak. Tastes best at Osteria Acquacheta, even if it's touristy!
  5. Wine
    Duh. Of all the Tuscan wines, Brunello di Montalcino was my favorite, but you could spend all day finding yours since every single shop is happy to give you a taste of every single wine.
  6. Tomatoes
    Growing up in CA turns a person into a produce snob, but Italy has us beat when it comes to tomatoes.
  7. Tiramisu
    Which I don't like, but loved at Osteria di Monteverde. Like really really loved.