I work in a cell phone retail store and everyday is an adventure.
  1. Have you tried taking the battery out and putting it back in?
  2. Ma'am, I promise, you do IN FACT have a password to your apple account.
  3. Me: sooooooooooooooooo you ran your phone over with your car THREE TIMES? Customer: yes but that's not why it's not working Me: 😒
  4. Customer: my phone isn't working Me: has it been dropped in water recently? Customer: yeah like 2 weeks ago but it's been working fine since then, I don't think that's why it's not working. Me: 😒
  5. Your phone isn't ringing because your "do not disturb" is turned on
  6. I don't know how your "do not disturb" got turned on if you didn't physically do it yourself
  7. No sir, I do not have a magic force field around the store that makes phones work when they don't in all other places