1. When the crossword spells letters
    You don't spell letters asshole! You spell with letters! The spelling of letters isn't a thing
  2. Hula hoopers
    Hula hooping was fun when we were 7 and it was a way to win a free smoothie at a luau party. Why has it become such a thing?? I can't go anywhere without some girl posting on social media a video of her doing hula hoop moves she did in her last 16 videos with a $400 led color changing hoop her daddy bought her. I wish there were more videos of hula hoopers falling on their faces, there is a compilation video somewhere in the interweb but it's just not enough.
  3. When people take the time to use a plastic bag to pick up their dogs shit, then leave it on the ground
    It's just effed up. Why even bother to pick up the shit?? I get way more mad at people who do that than people who just don't pick up the shit
  4. When people take pictures and have the caption "in their natural habitat"
    Just don't. Whatever that person is doing that is 100% not their natural habitat
  5. People that talk to their significant other in a baby voice
    No need for an explanation. Shits just annoying. We are adults not middle schoolers.
  6. PDA
    I really don't need to see you grab your girlfriends ass every time you walk by her.