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    Star Wars Battlefront (PS2)
    I'm talking about the original two games here. I love capturing the command posts and taking over the galaxy on galactic conquests. Also the Rise of the Empire campaign on the second game was really well done and I've played it several times. I include both of these games because they both have their pros and cons, and of course different maps.
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    Crazy Taxi
    I first played this game at an arcade and loved it so much that I went and bought it for my PlayStation 2. I admit that I'm not that great at it but I still play it from time to time. Also I find the characters to be quite ridiculous, making the game more enjoyable.
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    Kingdom Hearts Franchise
    I don't remember why but for some reason I played Kingdom Hearts 2 first and I immediately fell in love with the character Roxas. Unfortunately we don't get to play as Roxas for long but we still see bits and pieces of his storyline throughout the game. I went on to the play the rest of the games in the franchise and let's just say that I'm a huge fan(girl). Can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3!
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