1. Amelie
    Yann Tierson is a genius.
  2. Dirty Dancing
    I first saw this movie in elementary school (my mom made me) and the music changed my life more than the actual "dirty dancing."
  3. Pocahontas
    "Just Around the Riverbend" speaks to my heart and soul like no other song.
  4. Strange Magic
    Karaoke goodness.
  5. Lord of the Rings
    Howard Shore is magical.
  6. Space Jam
    "C'mon 'N Ride It" by Quad City Djs is pure '90s goodness.
  7. Cinderella
    The Brandy and Whitney Houston version!
  8. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Danny Elfman is a genius.
  9. The Wedding Singer
    This is my favorite movie of all time. Judge me. Adam Sandler has been my dream man since I was a child.😂😍
  10. Pretty In Pink
    My mom has forced me to watch many movies in my lifetime and this was another one of them. The scene where Duckie dances to Otis Redding in the record shop is what dreams are made of.💜
  11. A Walk to Remember
    Mandy Moore. 'Nuff said.