Welcome to my really ridiculous pet-peeve. Here are a list of words that I am particularly particular about when it comes to the way that they are pronounced.
  1. Envelope (In regards to the paper pouch you put in the mail.)
    Ehn•vuh•lohp✅ Ehn•veh•luhp❌
  2. Coyote
    Ky•yoh•tee✅ Ky•yoht❌
  3. Pecan
    Pee•can✅ Peh•cahn❌
  4. Toilet
    Toy•leht✅ Taw•leht❌
  5. Crayon
    Cray•ahn✅ Crown❌
  6. I'm so sorry you guys. 😂
  7. To the people who know they'd make me cringe, I'm so so sorry.😔
  8. It's me, not you.