1. Hippy Dance
    (The dancy Indie track that's featured on Spotify and Apple commercials.)
  2. Almost 25 (and Feeling It)
  3. I Can See It Now
    (I just got contact lenses and everything is now in HD.)
  4. Groove
    (This one has a funky bass line. Tame Impala ripoff song.)
  5. Eagle Wings
    ("SOAR BABY SOAR" is a lyric in there somewhere.)
  6. Stranger Eyes
    (A song chronicling a relationship from initial attraction to the moment you find out he's a complete lunatic.)
  7. Who Knows?
    (My answer to everyone's questions about what I'm doing with my life.)
  8. Same Girl, Different Wig
    (I actually wrote a song by this title about a blog that I stumbled upon. This older lady wrote throughout her battle with cancer and one of her concerns was about her feeling/looking like a different person when she lost all her hair and needed to wear wigs. As lighthearted as it is, it makes me cry. I hate cancer.)
  9. The Run-Around
    (A song for the dudes who like to stay aloof and mysterious. Note to y'all: IT'S ONLY CUTE FOR A SECOND.)
  10. Novels
    (A song compiling some of my favorite book quotes.)
  11. This was fun! @nathanveshecco