1. "What a dreamboat."
    Matthew Goode (Declan!) in Leap Year!😍
  2. "You ain't got no business dropping it low, if you can't pick it back up, though."
  3. "See, that's the kinda stuff I wanna do with my man."
  4. "That's my kinda girl."
    In relation to any girl doing something cool. (i.e. ordering Whiskey, wearing colors other than black, etc.)
  5. "I like me a kid with a Southern accent."
    As a Southerner, this brings me great pride for the generations to come.
  6. "Yes, ma'am."
    More like: yes, may-um.
  7. "I like how he can look at wood and tell what kind of wood it is. That's HOT!"
    Half sleep and two hours deep into a Fixer Upper binge and this is what you get from me. Also, what I find attractive is a bit sketchy. Also, "Half Sleep & Two Hours Deep" is up for grabs for any Pop Punk, Alternative, Americana, or Indie Bands out there lookin' for a name.
  8. "Chipper up, buttercup."
    I got rhymes on the daily.