I love my parents. My dad is half of them.
  1. The song For What It's Worth
    there will be a few songs in this list, but this is his favorite.
  2. Lemon or lime flavored popsicles
    he loves these but loves me more so he sometimes shares
  3. Dark doctors' offices
    he's a radiologist. the best one in the world. I know this because he's my dad.
  4. Burnt pizza
    it's the only way he likes it
  5. Unchained Melody
    the greatest song in this world. we both love it so intensely
  6. Game of Thrones
    this show is the kid he wanted. I don't blame him
  7. A very specific shirt texture
    I can't explain it but he found love in a shirt at my school's bookstore and I've had to buy like 10 of them
  8. New York City
    he's not from the city but we would always go there when we visited grandma and it just felt like my dad owned it
  9. My University
    dad went here and he still loves it so hard
  10. 24
    my dad was enthralled and never wondered when Jack went to the bathroom. he believes Jack just held it. for 24 hours.