wooooaaaah ho hoooooo this is about to tear my heart apart lets do thiiissss. also this is in no particular order because it's too cruel to ask that of me.
  1. Go the Distance- Hercules
    😭 so inspiring. really gets me going when I'm on a high and gives me hope when I'm on a low
  2. He Lives in You- The Lion King Musical
    a gorgeous Jesus-y song about Mufasa not really being dead cause he's in our hearts. it hurts my one feeling and I love it
  3. You'll Be in My Heart- Tarzan
    nothing chokes me up like a mama gorilla and baby Tarzan being a family
  4. Reflection- Mulan
    how could you not relate to this song? it's about feeling like a disappointment and wishing you could be your true self in front of your family. my single emotion is so strong.
  5. Colors of the Wind- Pocahontas
    this movie came out in 1995 when I was born so we have a deep connection. also this song gives me strength, and I feel like I should run up a mountain.
  6. Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid
    when I was 3 years old the little mermaid came back into theaters for a special something or other. when this song came on I stood on my chair and belted my little heart out. the theater clapped for me. this song is so much.
  7. I See the Light- Tangled
    this song makes me think of my man, and I'm all about that. he also learned the words, so we can sing it together. v important.
  8. Special Mentions! Everybody Wants to Be A Cat, I Wanna Be Like You, I Won't Say I'm in Love, Once Upon A Dream and A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
    they didn't quite make it, but kinda did because of my immense love