Things I have been overly interested in these past few months

I don't want to say obsessed but really who am I kidding
  1. Fleetwood Mac
    specifically the amazing drama surrounding this band throughout the height of fame. we have cocaine. we have romance. we have painful, soul-ripping live performances.
  2. Disney World
    I'm going in August and I am so excited I looked up all this weird shit. I know way too much Haunted Mansion lore. also, and this goes into my next bullet point, I watch the shit out of the YouTube account ohyeahdisney. they are in love and they go to Disney world often
  3. Youtubers
    we have Itswaypastmybedtime, a sweet gal my age from the UK who sings in musicals, and her boyfriend petesjams and her brother and her sister-in-law and her nephews... yeah I was thorough what of it?
  4. Are you the one?
    this started a few days ago and I can't stop. I never liked reality tv but mtv really struck gold here. so much drama so much heartbreak. I live. anyway I got way too caught up with it and found everyone's twitters and insta grams and discovered way too much about behind the scenes drama. also I'm wildly obsessed with the one true match that stayed together. they have a baby and they make me cry.
  5. Miraculous Ladybug
    this one is weird but it was really popular at my college for a hot second. It's basically a French anime. there's no plot until episode 20, but by then you're so invested you don't even care. SO MUCH PINING.
  6. Janet Devlin
    she sings and I love her accent and her face and her hair and her shy but sweet image. I got her Christmas cd signed because I never stop.
  7. Dogspotting
    Facebook is a garbage can and dogs are the one redeeming feature. dogs are pure and this group is dedicated to loving them.
  8. Old friends senior dog sanctuary
    Captain Ron is the best dog and you're wrong if you don't agree
  9. Anne of Green Gables
    I didn't read this as a child but I did a few months ago and now I want to believe I'm Anne with an e. I read the book watched the series and a cute lil YouTube series called Green Gables Fables. I never half ass this shit. p.s. Gilbert is everything and my heart rips itself in half