Because I use more emojis than the average individual and have actually given this way to much thought.
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    You would think I might have started this out with the 🖕🏻emoji, but it's just not what I dreamed it would be. Instead there is this mythical creature, that I use randomly all the time because it's a unicorn.
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    The eye roll. Didn't know I needed it but I'm so happy it exists.
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    I'm a grad student. I use this one a lot and it's cute.
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    The sick emojis. Self explanatory. They are perfect. Why did it take so long to get these?
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    Can't figure out when I should use this, but I love that it's there. It's not often I use the accompanying spoken blessing, "live long and prosper" – "dif tor heh smusma", maybe I should start.
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    Taco, Taco. Burrito, Burrito. My sister and I are fans of the Jennifer Lopez South Park Episode.
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    When I want to make it seem as if I have a super exiting and frivolous lifestyle where I frequently pop bottles. This also goes along well with the 💸 emoji.
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    Grad school emoji for the philosophy bros that sit behind me scratching their beards trying to make the rest of class even more confused.